FLOPZ™ Slippers

Stop stomping around in boring sandals that make your feet long to be barefoot on a soft lawn! Give them some love with our fantastic slippers from Flopz instead! With our shoes, you can take on the day with style and confidence , while feeling comfortable and relaxed❤️

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FLOPZ™ Sandals

Like dancing on clouds with our amazing sandals! Soft EVA sole and smart buckles for a perfect fit.

Order today and give your feet some love ❤️

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FLOPZ™ Flip-flops

Let your feet flip-flop through life with our fantastic flip-flops! In a shoe that not only looks good , but also promotes foot health so you can live a life free of pain and discomfort.

Order today and experience the difference yourself 🤩

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Combine your favorites

Buy two pairs of fantastic slippers, flip-flops or sandals in an unbeatable package for the price of only $55 and enjoy free shipping. (Orig. price: $171)

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